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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  November 3, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> this is 7 news at noon. >> breaking news at noon. c-nbc is reporting the u.s. will fine takata $70 million for the air bag recall that affected more than 0 million vehicles in america. good afternoon. takata is preparing to pay up after this decision. cheryl fiandaca is live at the news desk with more of the latest details. cheryl?
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>> reporter: $70 million in fines. the massive air bag recall affected more than 34 million vehicles in america and another 7 million have been recalled worldwide. at least six deaths have been blamed on the defective air bags. investigators say defective inflaters could potentially cause the air bags to explode. sending shrapnel into drivers and passengers. takata which has struggled to get replacement air bags said cars in high humidity should be a top priority. moisture plays a role in triggering the ruptures. the air bag-maker will face $130 million in fines if it violates the settlement agreement. i'm cheryl fiandaca. >> also on 7: swat standoff in canton. armed officers swarping the scene when a man accused in a stabbing barricades himself in a home. police say it all started when
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brother. scary situation putting the community on edge. nicole? >> reporter: at this hour, we know that both brothers remain at separate hospitals. the suspect actually has police say they are self-inflicted. an injured suspect taken away after police say he stabbed his brother, then barricaded himself inside his canton home just steps away from the town police department. >> when we responded, we found in his chest. from a knife. serious. but not life-threatening. >> reporter: the man initially made threats against officers and refused to come out of the house. called for help from state police and swat. >> then i called police. i said, what's going on with this commotion?" is there a hostage situation in i saw the swat guy come out. he was like, don't go to that side of the house.
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i said "is anybody hurt?" >> reporter: officers shut down a stretch of washington street for several hours detouring traffic. finally, around 6:00 a.m., police managed to get inside the home. >> we were able to take one party into custody. he was also injured and being transported to the hospital. >> reporter: detectives spent the morning collecting evidence and photographing a broken front window and busted door. as police continued to investigate the stabbing between brothers. >> there was some kind of dispute and it ended in a physical altercation:. >> i was just praying, hoping it wasn't a bad thing. hoping it would be okay. >> reporter: again, that suspect remains hospitalized. he could face a number of charges, including attempted murder. nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> anchor: terrifying treats at the center of a halloween investigation in hopkinton. police are trying to figure out what passed out toilet
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treaters. parents are shocked, as you can imagine. a disturbing discovery, >> reporter: yeah. police continue to investigate. these were two separate children. two separate families. two separate reports. but in both cases, families reported finding toilet bowl cleaner mixed in with halloween candy. it is not a trick or treat. but rather, toilet bowl clean hear the some parents found in >> that is deadly. >> it came in the original packaging. it was wrapped in a plastic wrapper. in the original state. >> reporter: police are working hard to track down exactly where it came from. reports came in the day after halloween from two different children. a six-year-old and a 14-year-old. >> they are not related. they were not together. they were different age groups. >> every generation has had their tale of horror on halloween. >> reporter: both kids collected candy in the downtown area. one parent called them sunday morning.
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the other sunday afternoon. both to report finding the poison still in its original wrapper. luckily, neither kid ate it. no one was hurt. >> it is disgusting. you have to be on your watch all the time as a parent. >> we turning community to check their child's candy. i know it is three days later. but still, you know, something might have slipped by. maybe the child threw something away. we want to be diligent. and get to the bottom of this investigation. >> reporter: hopkinton police continue to try to narrow down the homes and streets where these children both trick or treated. they say at this point, it is too early to tell if this was a criminal action. some type of mistake or some very poor judgment. victoria warren, 7 news. >> anchor: 7 news now focusing on your forecast. boy, is this not a reason to smile in beautiful day in boston. we have the sunny skies. soaring temperatures. a not so november feel outside.
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meteorologist jeremy reiner with a check of the weather forecast. we are going to get to keep smiling. >> jeremy: we are. look at these numbers. close to 70 already. boston, 68. norwood, 69. worcester, 65. fitchburg, at 69. on the cape and the islands, lower 60's. high pressure spent the afternoon with us. with all sorts of sunshine. temps this afternoon in the upper 60's to around 70. the only knock on the afternoon might be a bit of a breeze at times. i mean, again, we are splitting hairs. the city later on today, at 70. billerica, 69. southeast massachusetts, the numbers in the upper 60's. for tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. again, tomorrow, warm. although at the coastline, it will be noticeably cooler. temperatures around boston tomorrow afternoon, low 60's. even those numbers above normal this time of year. >> anchor: following more news today. a 21-year-old man shot and killed in dorchester. it happened just aftermidnight. neighbors say they heard about six gunshots.
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but anyone with information, you are encouraged to contact police immediately. a suffolk county sheriff's deputy accused of crossing the line, finding himself on the wrong side of the law now. the 43-year-old was arrested for attacking a teenager in norton. investigators say he was off-duty and he was drunk when he dragged his teenager out of his car and then hit him. neighbors were stunned. >> i'm shocked. and the area is pretty quiet. like, nothing really happens around here. >> insane. pretty crazy. they should be held to a higher standard. >> anchor: the man was charged with assault and battery and carrying a gun while intoxicated. new details this noon now about the everett high school football player stabbed just hours after he led his team to a play-off victory. he was the hero in that game. and a hero afterward as well. doctors say the 16-year-old marvens fedna is expected to make a full recovery. great news there. his older brother sammy tell
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doing better than expectened and is able to talk and move all of his limbs. he had successful back surgery and is expected to be okay. the 16-year-old is listed in fair condition now. fedna was stabbed early sunday morning. the everett superintendent says that fedna was attacked when he tried to help a friend. developing news on the russian plane that crashed in egypt. black boxes revealing uncharacteristic sounds in the cockpit before that plane vanished from radar. russian news says the crew never mentioned anything was out of the ordinary. in fact, according to nbc, satellite images show there was a heat flash right around the plane at the time of the crash. bill neely has more. >> reporter: the heat flash was detected over the desert at the exact time of the crash. but the brief bright lights seen by the u.s. military satellite could have been caused by many things. it could have been a missile. or a bomb on the plane. it could have been an engine or fuel tank exploding in mid-air or even the plane hitting the ground.
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the infrared satellite detected a flash, not a heat trail. so defense officials tell nbc news, a missile is not the cause. a russian news agency says one black box reveals rooting conversations, then unusual sounds in the cockpit. but no distress signal. the debris field is also yielding clues. the russian news agency says investigators are fining elements not related to the aircraft's structure. isis claims it downed the plane. egypt's president dismisses that. the u.s. is cautious, too, about a terrorist link. >> it's unlikely, but i wouldn't rule it out. >> reporter: investigators are work on the flight recorders. extracting information but still releasing none. the airline metro-jet claims a technical fault couldn't have caused the crash, blaming an external impact. russian officials insist that
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investigators are ruling out nothing at the moment. not mechanical failure. nor mass murder. as a result of terrorism. still no official word on what those black box flight recorders reveal. those hints suggest an event so sudden and unexpected that the crew had no time to do anything. back to you. >> anchor: voice your choice coverage this noon. voters in more than 50 cities and towns across the state head to the polls today. in boston, all 13 city council seats are on the ballot. five candidates are battling it out for four at-large seats. charles yns... yancey pay thing a tough race against andrea campbell. a special election is being held in brockton and several surrounding towns for the state senate left vacant when
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back in june. now to the race for the white house. one year from today, the race will be decided. a new poll is out. it shows who is the front-runner at this point. according to that journal poll, clinton, hillary clinton now ahead by a two to one margin on the democratic side. 62% to 1% over bernie sanders. former maryland governor martin o'malley a distant third. picking up 3% of support. one-third of those surveyed, though, gave hillary clinton... lower marks for being honest or straight forward. that is the one negative she is dealing with now. now let's look at the g.o.p. numbers. the same poll finds ben carson surging into the lead on the republican side. carson's 29% followed by donald trump at 23%. marco rubio at 11%. ted cruz at 10%. jeb bush running out the top five. he has a percent. that is switch, of course, from early last month when
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coming up here at noon, a preparing to try and cash in and profit off of pot. that is if the vote goes his way. see why he could be the next midwest marijuana mogul. sliding out of control: look at this. snowy roads causing chaos out west. >> this is an interview you want to stick around for. she lost her arm. nearly lost her life in a boating accident in boston. now she is telling her story to just one station. and if you happen to see wraeb news or if off story idea, we would love to hear from you. give us a call on the 7 news tip line.
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>> anchor: thanksgiving is weeks away.
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don't tell starbucks that. they are rolling out the seasonal cups and seasonal starting next week, you can try holiday beverages like mochas. i was there today. already. christmas season. >> jeremy: i saw. that the mild pattern may slow that down. if you have cold air that is suggestive. in any event, we have mild weather through the week. near 70 this afternoon. and at this time, the weekend little bit. still thinking it stays dry this weekend. a gorgeous day outside. pthis is from my buddy janet wu on twitter. she took that picture on the esplanade here. the colors popping here in boston now. off secondary peak foliage season with the oak trees. and many of the oaks brilliant oranges and reds. a little yellow in southern new england. if you are doing yard work this afternoon, looking good. these were the morning lows.
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look at that. norwood. wow. 40-degree difference. 69 right now in norwood. boston at 68. worcester, 65. the condition of the high will be different tomorrow. it will be east of new england. in that location there, that allows for a sea breeze to develop. it will be a little cooler at the coastline tomorrow afternoon. boston included. i don't think the city hits 70 tomorrow. but still lower 60's for this time of year is above normal for boston. and then on thursday afternoon, the little blue h can't find home. it is wobbling all over the place. that will set up a southerly breeze on thursday. we are warm again. upper 60's. also, i think we will grab some moisture from the south. a weak little weather system tries to bother us thursday afternoon with more clouds. then maybe a sprinkle late in the day on thursday. again, sprinkles. not rain. definitely not snowflakes. breezy and warm.
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mostly sunny. temps between 65-70 throughout the afternoon. the city on 70 this afternoon. lakeville, 68 north of town. cape ann, new hampshire seacoast, merrimack valley, all reaching the upper 60's. back in the worcester hills, monadnock region, mid-60's. on the cape and the islands, provincetown, 64. chatham at 65. tonight, mostly clear. cool. down into the 40's, too. down to 50 in boston tomorrow morning. through the day tomorrow, lots of sunshine. again, cooler at the coastline tomorrow: boston, there is your numbers this afternoon. near 70. then with that on-shore breeze developing, that sea breeze if you will, the numbers are in the lower 60's. again, even that 61, above normal. which is 56. we don't have that in the forecast until sunday afternoon. a chilly afternoon. including the patriots game. already next week, the numbers will warm back up in the upper 50's. >> anchor: take a look at. this a massive meteor lighting up the night sky over bangkok, thailand. pretty impressive. look at.
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that the object started streeb over the city monday. caused quite a stir, as you can imagine. we don't want to think about this yet. scary moments on a snow-covered road in alaska. slippery conditions causing that stouf slide out of control. in oregon and california, the first winter-like storm brought snow, rain, and heavy winds. straight ahead here on 7 news at noon, profiting off of pot? legally. how a big vote today could be a game-changer for nick lachey
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>> anchor: we have breaking news from the cape this noon. police in sandwich are investigating the death of aninfant. there are no obvious signs of trauma at this point. they are still trying to figure out what caused that baby's death. obviously, as soon as we get more information on this story, we will pass it along to you. on to a story making headlines nationwide. the legalization of marijuana on the ballot in ohio. nick lachey keeping a close eye on the results. lachey has high stakes in the marijuana industry in that state. his role could change the game. >> i'm nick lachey. ohio is my home. >> anchor: the former reality tv and boy band star is hoping to cash in on that connection with voters. in a campaign that has him singing the praises of
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legalized marijuana. >> proud to be part of the movement. it is going to create jobs. reinvigorate our economy and improve the safety of our communities. >> anchor: lachey along with a fashion designer and an n.b.a. great oscar robert von part of a small group of wealthy investors backing responsible ohio which claims legalizing pot would create 30,000 jobs in the state and spur a billion-dollar market. the catch? the state constitutional amendment would give exclusive rights to all of the marijuana grown and sole in the buckeye state to just ten groups. one group is lachey's. >> it is a good deal for nick lachey and his rich cronies who would have control over this monopoly. it is a bad deal for ohio. >> anchor: that concern sparked the addition of another ballot measure. issue two would prevent any constitutional amendment from creating a monopoly. if both passed, there could be a conflict. voters are split on the issue of legalization. >> i care deeply about the people here.
12:21 pm
>> anchor: meanwhile, well-funned proponents like lash aye's group are doing their best to frame this as a business decision. one that could make them very, very rich. >> the rich folks are inveing a lot of money to change the system, create lots of jobs, 30,000 jobs, and generate 554 million a year. >> anchor: another interesting note. nick lachey will not vote on this measure today. he is still registered to vote in california. not ohio. coming up next, a star wars fan has one final wish. why he says if he doesn't see the new movie now, he may
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>> anchor: a terminally ill cancer patient has been a star wars fan since he was a young boy. he had the final wish to. see the new star wars movie. he says there is a chance he won't live long enough for that premiere in december. jadiann thompson has more. >> we actually wrote some fan fiction novels.
12:23 pm
>> jadiann: daniel fleetwood has been a star wars fan from the time he was eight or nine years old. 12 years ago, he was even the subject of an article in his hometown newspaper for camping out for tickets. his greatest hope now is also his dying wish. to see the latest installment of the movie before he passes away. >> judging by how prerogative disease has gotten, in the past two months, i really don't think that i'll be able to make it. >> jadiann: the force awakens is scheduled for release on december 18. oncologist gave him two months to live from a rare form of connective tissue cancer. by that count, daniel should have passed away already. he believes he is hanging on to see the movie. >> i just love star wars. and i mean, with everything i've got, i love star wars. >> jadiann: daniel is at home now, spending as much time as
12:24 pm
possible with his wife ashley and hoping beyond all hope, to see the star wars film before time runs out. >> it is the commitment. he still has that commitment, that drive and that love. it is a beautiful thing. even if it's just a movie. that's magic for a lot of people. >> i really don't think that i'm going to make it. please do what you can. help me. >> jadiann: jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> anchor: so much more to come at noon. swat team standoff in canton. armed officers swarming in when a suspect stabbed his own brother. >> jeremy: warm for the afternoon. your midweek forecast up next. >> anchor: breaking news this noon. pay up. details when we come back. >> the current was really strong that day. it was pulling me out. pulling me out. i started pulling back to the boat. was on. they threw out a rope to me. i grabbed on to get on the boat.
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>> anchor: breaking news. police in brookline stepping up security at the department of public works facility. that's where they say a dpw worker made a threat. welcome back. that threat. steve cooper with what we know so far. steve? >> reporter: well, the head of the dpw telling us a few minutes ago that it's actually business as usual here at the dpw yard this afternoon. even as we have now confirmed that brookline police investigators tell us they are
12:28 pm
made by a dpw employee here in town. brookline police have added extra cruisers. they have them positioned here at the dpw yard this morning. when other employees were arriving, police say this was all just as a precaution. but as part of the preliminary investigation, we are told that police were conducting interviews earlier today. now, investigators are commenting on a specific... are not commenting on specifics here. they are trying to figure out if any crimes have been committed here and also the validity of statements that may have been made. now, the dpw chief telling us moments ago, he says all this is between two employees and it is business as usual here. again, added security this morning here at the dpw yard. in brookline. over what police are calling a possible threat by a dpw employee. again, those interviews were ongoing this morning. we are waiting for an update from brookline police. that is the latest live in brookline this afternoon,
12:29 pm
steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: we have another breaking story on the cape. investigating the death of an now, the district attorney says there are no obvious signs of trauma at this point. but they are still trying to figure out, obviously, what caused that baby's death. as soon as we get more information, we will be sure to pass that along to you. breaking story also this noon: big news here. u.s. fining air bag-maker takata $70 million for a recall that affected more than 40 million vehicles. takata is preparing to pay up that big sum afterthis decision. cheryl fiandaca live at the breaking news desk with all of the details. cheryl? >> reporter: the japanese air bag-maker has settled with the u.s. for $70 million. a massive air bag recall affecting more than 34 million vehicles in america. and another 7 million worldwide. at least six deaths have been blamed on the defective air bags. investigators say defective inflaters could potentially cause the air bags to explode. sending shrapnel into drivers
12:30 pm
and passengers. takata which has struggled to produce replacement air bags inflaters has said cars gliven areas with high humidity should be a top priority. that is because the exposure is to moisture is thought to play a role in triggering the rupture. dozens of automakers are affected by this air bag recall. including honda, toy owta, dodge, ford, and nissan. i'm cheryl fiandaca, 7 news. >> anchor: armed officers swarming into a scene here in a neighborhood when a man decided to barricade himself inside a home. this all started when the suspect stabbed his own brother. nicole oliverio with more on what was a scary situation. >> reporter: an injured suspect taken away after he stabbed his brother, then barricaded himself inside his canton home just steps away from the town police department. >> when we responded, we found one male with a puncture wound in his chest.
12:31 pm
the injuries right now are serious but not life-threatening. >> reporter: the man initially made threats against officers and refused to come out of the house. that is when canton p.d. called for help from state police and swat. >> then i called police. i said "what's going on? what is this commotion?" i saw the swat guy come out. he is like "don't go to that side of the house." i said "has anybody heard?" >> reporter: finally, police managed to get inside the home around 6:00 a.m. >> we were able to take one party into custody who was also injured and being transported to the hospital. >> reporter: detectives spent the morning collecting evidence and photographing a broken front window and busted door. as police continued to investigate this stabbing between brothers. >> there was some kind of dispute and it ended in a physical altercation. >> i was just praying and
12:32 pm
i was hoping it would be okay. >> reporter: it is believed the suspect's injuries were self-inflicted. police managed to get in because he needed that medical attention. once he is out of the hospital, he is facing charges that could include attempted murder. >> anchor: well, if you are not smiling, it is probably because you haven't walked outside today. 7 news turning our focus to the forecast. a beautiful day in boston. sunny skies. soaring temperatures. it is a not so november feel outside. we are loving it. jeremy reiner joins us with more. look, even you are smiling. >> jeremy: right. exactly. how can you not? look at these numbers. fitchburg, 69. new bedford, 67. a nice warm pattern has found itself here on the eastern seaboard. high pressure with us through the afternoon. mostly sunny skies. a little weather system off to our north. does just. that stays to our north. we are fine. lots of sun through the afternoon.
12:33 pm
points off today's final score, maybe the breeze. but again, i mean, come on. still awesome out there. 65-70 degrees. a little breezy at times. the city around 70. billerica, 69. a lot of sun. a little cooler at the coastline tomorrow. boston temps tomorrow in the low 60's. >> anchor: police are still trying to figure out who decided to pass out dangerous items to children on at least two kids came home with toilet cleaner in their trick-or-treating bags. victoria warren has more on the story. >> reporter: it is not a trick or a treat but rather, toilet boil clean hear the some parents found in their kids' candy bags. >> that is deadly. >> it came in the original packaging. wrapped in a plastic wrapper. and the original state. >> reporter: hopkinton police are working hard to track down exactly where it came from. reports came in the day after halloween from two different children. a six-year-old and a
12:34 pm
14-year-old. . >> they are not related. they weren't trick-or-treating together. they were different age groups. >> every generation has had their tale of horror on halloween. >> reporter: police say both kids collected candy in the downtown area. one parent called them sunday morning. the other sunday afternoon. both to report finding the poison still in its original wrapper. luckily, neither kid ate it. no one was hurt. >> it is disgusting. you have to be on your watch all the time. as a parent. >> we urge the community to check your child's candy. it is three days later. but still something might have slipped by. maybe the child threw something away. we want to be diligent. and get to the bottom of this investigation. >> reporter: police continue their investigation trying to narrow down the exact houses and streets that both of these children went trick-or-treating on. at this point, it is too early to say if this was a criminal act, if this was a mistake or just some poor judgment.
12:35 pm
7 news. >> anchor: police in stoneham searching for a robber on the run. take a look at your screen. this man robbed a citizen's bank on main street. the morning of october 24. he did not show a weapon. but he did take an unknown amount of money. investigators believe the man for recent robberies in reading and in chelmsford. there is more news today. a woman behind bars accused of helping to murder her boyfriend's parents in they appeared in court. police say that jennifer valiente and her boyfriend are both battling drug addiction. they hope to cash in on killing his parents after they considered cutting their son out of their will. she says she had nothing to do with their deaths. police found the bodies of jeanette and jeffrey navin last week in their yard not from their home after nearly a three-month search. their son kyle's arraignment hasn't been scheduled yet. oscar pistorius facing an
12:36 pm
appeal by prosecutors who argue that he should have been convicted of murder. pistorius was convicted of the lesser charge of culpable homicide for killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the state is charging that the judge misinterpreted parts of the law and ignored evidence. there is a major e. coli scare that continues on the west coast. a number of people there became sick at eating at chipotle. one customer has filed a lawsuit over this outbreak. it has health officials believing that they have pinpointed the source now. christa delcamp has the latest. >> reporter: the e. coli outbreak linked to chipotle, the popular chain that promotes its mexican food made from fresh ingredients has hospitalized at least eight people with 22 reported sick in washington state and oregon. a number that's expected to rise. >> the day i went to the e.r., i started feeling it. >> reporter: ashley became violently ill three days after
12:37 pm
>> i was terrified that i was going to go to bed and not wake up. >> reporter: the problem may be linked to produce. most of those who became sick ate mostly vegetables. the company says "we immediately closed all of our restaurants in the area out of an abundance of caution. even though the vast majority of these restaurants have no reported problems. health officials are talking to patients and testing ingredients." >> a food product may be the source of the infection. we could potentially have more severe cases. >> reporter: health officials warn other restaurants and distributors could be affected. >> anchor: still ahead, a stadium shocker: protesters crashed the party on monday night football. we will tell you what happened here. and swinging his way into the world record books.
12:38 pm
a golf fanatic breaking out
12:39 pm
>> anchor: all right. look at this, golfers. i guess you can say there is nothing miniature about this golf game. look. how does he swing that? he set a world record for the longest golf club. yesterday he was presented with the official guinness
12:40 pm
world record certificate. he also broke his own record with a club of more than 22 feet long. all of the hard work wasn't just for fun. he has been able to raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity as well. i know you are a big golfer, j.r. today is a great day to enjoy it. >> jeremy: it is. a lot of courses saying, hey, it is november, but don't let that stop you. go out and play some golf today. maybe score a pair of pants like that guy had on there. good stuff. you get a free bowl of soup with that. mild pattern rolls on. in fact, we will keep the golf clubs in action for at least a few more weeks. probably up until about thanksgiving. then maybe the pattern flips around. not to say that it's going to be 70 for the next three weeks. in terms of above normal temps, that is in the cards. more often than below normal temps. upper 6's right now. the city at 68. fitchburg at 69. you are playing 18 holes of golf. hyannis, 63. that probably set a course record. wind speeds, a little breezy out there at times through the
12:41 pm
afternoon. winds anywhere between 5-15 miles per hour. high pressure moves closer to us. i they wind will begin to fade away. not until after sunset. at the same time, with the high today out here, it allows the air to warm up nicely in boston. near 70. when the high is over there like it will be tomorrow, it is a bit of a challenge to get the temps near 70 along the coastline. because of the sea breeze developing. that is what happens tomorrow afternoon. metro-boston, the numbers will back up a little bit tomorrow. even when they are stepping back a few degrees, low 60's tomorrow, that is still above normal. then by thursday, high pressure finds a home south of new england for a few days. that will set up a southerly breeze. that will allow temps to warm once again. and also pull up a couple of clouds from the virginias. dry. for the afternoon, brilliant sunshine. 65-70. the city around 70. duxbury, 68. for tonight, mostly clear. cool. down into the 40's. to around 50. tomorrow, a lot of sun.
12:42 pm
cool at the coastline tomorrow. again, along the coastline 70. the numbers will be cooler tomorrow. low 60's. still, even these numbers, beverly, boston, plymouth, duxbury, nahant, hull, will be in the... above normal. the normal high is about 56. high pressure, looks like this on the eastern seaboard. that force it is jet stream off, well off to our northwest. that does not allow cool air to bother us. except maybe one day, sunday. mostly sunny skies. that is a cool day. but it's brief. temps on sunday afternoon, low 50's. patriots game looking awesome down at gillette. kickoff temps, 50. >> anchor: can't wait for that one. thank you so much. speaking of football, four teams remain in the n.f.l. undefeated. carolina panthers is one of them. proving to 7-0 thanks to that win over the colts on monday night football. panthers kicker, look at this. 52-yard field goal to. win it all. patriots-broncos and the
12:43 pm
bengals are the other three that remain undefeated. protesters, though, crashed last night's game. two people rappelling from the upper balcony of bank of america stadium in the second half there. then they unfurled a banner that featured a message in the opposition of bank of america. officers did arrest four people. coming up here on 7 news at noon, on the road to recovery: the victim of a boston boating accident speaking to 7 news. folks, this is an emotional interview. you really want to eso it. it is coming up next. mark wahlberg taking the million-dollar man to a whole different level. we will explain what that's
12:44 pm
>> anchor: we are hearing from a young woman who lost an arm while on a boating accident in boston harbor. she has come a very, very long
12:45 pm
she is lucky to be alive. it is an interview just on one station. >> i was getting a football. out of the water. i started going back to the boat. when i got closer, you know, they threw out a rope to me. and i grabbed on to get on the you know, i didn't know that the propeller was on. and the rope ended up going into the propeller. pulling me in and under. >> reporter: that's the last thing nikki remembers before waking up in a hospital bed. >> i knew i had lost my arm. >> reporter: nikki's life changed forever back in may when she and a girlfriend accepted an invitation to go boating in boston. she says when she went into the water, the boat was anchored and off. the boat's captain is charged with drunk boating and negligent operation. >> were you right-happened? >> i was right-handed. >> reporter: it is amazing to see how this 20 yearly has
12:46 pm
calm and just okay with it. but it was, you know, it didn't hit me until later. >> reporter: the boat's propeller cut through the top of her head and her left eye socked, slicing through her abdomen and both her legs. her wounds so deep, doctors had to use hundreds of staples to close the cuts. it is hard to imagine but nikki suffered even more. i have radial nerve damage with this hand, too. it wasn't just me living my life without my right arm. it is a very limited left arm. it was a lot to take in. >> reporter: her parents say it is hard to watch their daughter struggle. >> she likes to do things by herself. sometimes it is hard. to let her. so i just have to, you know, turn away and let her do things. >> when you look back at some of the things she is doing, it's only bj just over four months, we can't help but be
12:47 pm
proud of everything she has done. >> reporter: nikki is a fighter who faces lef challenges every day. >> everything takes ten times longer. but i can still do it. it is trial and error. >> reporter: what would you say is the most difficult thing for you right now? >> probably accepting help from people. i have a rule that i have to try to do it at least once. if i ask for help, i need help. otherwise, i want to do everything by myself. that is hard. you don't want to hurt the people that are trying to do a good thing. you know, that is difficult for me. i'm very lucky. you know, that i had the injuries that i did. they could have been so much worse. you know. i try to look at the positive things. >> reporter: nikki has been fitted for a prosthetic arm l already. her family and friends are planning a fund-raiser to help defray the cost of possible future surgeries and ongoing medical care. for more information on that, go to our web site,
12:48 pm
i'm cheryl fiandaca. >> anchor: what a brave young lady. she has plans for the future. she wants to work in the field of fitness and nutrition. she is hoping to help people who have suffered injuries similar to hers. up next here on 7 news at noon, a chance to own music history. look at this. a rare guitar that is hitting the auction block. it has fans of the beatles buzzing. >> jeremy: nice. we have sunshine for the afternoon. a great afternoon. one last look at the forecast
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>> anchor: the $6 million man is being remade now on the big screen. it will star a familiar face. the film is based on the classic tv series set to hit theaters in december, 2017. ben affleck is finning a movie here in boston. tweeting this picture from last week. affleck will play a character who works for mobsters and is also the of a boston police captain. look at this piece of music history here going up on the auction block. the guitar that was used by john lennon during his rise to fame with the beatles. it is now up for sale. lennon apparently lost the famed guitar after a performance in london back in the early 1960's. somehow, it ended up in a guitar shop and was purchased in 1969. >> what makes this guitar
12:51 pm
special. you know, john wrote so many songs with this guitar. he played it on so many albums. and you know, had it not been stolen or lost, i think we would have seen john playing it on in other performances. probably the ed sullivan show. >> anchor: a percentage of the proceeds will go to john and yoko ono's spirit foundation. snoopy is getting a star on the hollywood walk of fame. charlie brown's legendary pet is the first animated beegle to receive this honor. snoopy will be back on the big screen this weekend when the new peanuts movie debuts on friday. no one wants to think about the movies today. you need to get outside and enjoy the weather. >> jeremy: look at this. 71 in boston right now. norwood, 72. nashua, 71. a fantastic day. get afterit. lots of sunshine. more sun tomorrow.
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